Monday, March 21, 2011

"Carpet" Squares

Do you remember those little carpet squares from pre-school? Well, this is my alternative. See, the other day we were doing some school, and my little man walking around the room, which was fine, but since he was wearing boxers I wanted him to stay on the blanket (so he wouldn't go on my floor) anyway, now everything I try to do some organized school the kids run and grab blankets to sit on. So, in my Spring De-Stash mode, I decided I could make them some, and they came out great.

I started by cutting 2 pieces of the mat- 17x14.
Then, I wanted to put the kid's names on them, and I was using Heat-N-Bond. Have you noticed that when you draw on the flat side that it is always backwards when you're finished? So, normally people write their letters backward, but I use a permanent marker on the rough side, and it comes out great, just make sure you don't use a marker that's darker then the fabric you're using (it will show through, you're writing on the adhesive)

Now, I used fleece (I used the same fleece to make my little man some pants) and Fleece can't handle the heat it would take to adhere the fleece to the cotton, so I put a piece of flannel over the fleece, iron a little, then iron from the back of the cotton, and it adheres it fantastically. After adhering it, sew it on.
Then I take my two mat pieces, and one piece of batting (you don't have to put anything in there, or you could put in fleece, but I have my MIL's batting left overs, so that's what I used) Make sure it's the two pieces of fabric, right sides together, then on the bottom is the layer of batting.
Sew the three layers together all along the edge, making sure to leave an opening to flip this right sides out.

Clip the corners. Flip right sides out, iron, then top stitch, and you get a fantastic mat:
perfect for giving kid's their own space. (If my kids would eve give eachother space)


  1. What a great idea! I love how you create such awesome products with things you have at home.

  2. Those turned out so cute! I could really use these these my house. I bought some cheap looking ones a while back, but they have since gone missing.

  3. You are so creative! I love those! :)

    Have a Happy Easter! :)


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