Monday, March 21, 2011

"Carpet" Squares

Do you remember those little carpet squares from pre-school? Well, this is my alternative. See, the other day we were doing some school, and my little man walking around the room, which was fine, but since he was wearing boxers I wanted him to stay on the blanket (so he wouldn't go on my floor) anyway, now everything I try to do some organized school the kids run and grab blankets to sit on. So, in my Spring De-Stash mode, I decided I could make them some, and they came out great.

I started by cutting 2 pieces of the mat- 17x14.
Then, I wanted to put the kid's names on them, and I was using Heat-N-Bond. Have you noticed that when you draw on the flat side that it is always backwards when you're finished? So, normally people write their letters backward, but I use a permanent marker on the rough side, and it comes out great, just make sure you don't use a marker that's darker then the fabric you're using (it will show through, you're writing on the adhesive)

Now, I used fleece (I used the same fleece to make my little man some pants) and Fleece can't handle the heat it would take to adhere the fleece to the cotton, so I put a piece of flannel over the fleece, iron a little, then iron from the back of the cotton, and it adheres it fantastically. After adhering it, sew it on.
Then I take my two mat pieces, and one piece of batting (you don't have to put anything in there, or you could put in fleece, but I have my MIL's batting left overs, so that's what I used) Make sure it's the two pieces of fabric, right sides together, then on the bottom is the layer of batting.
Sew the three layers together all along the edge, making sure to leave an opening to flip this right sides out.

Clip the corners. Flip right sides out, iron, then top stitch, and you get a fantastic mat:
perfect for giving kid's their own space. (If my kids would eve give eachother space)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Shoe Makover?

So, I found these beauties for $1 a piece, so I got 3 thinking I'd make them look different.
My first attempt was to make myself some cute black shoes.
I tried to use the Simply Spray stuff (have I told you guys how much I despise that stuff, runny, not precise, simply annoying) Anyway, this is what happened:
Yeah, streaky, not black, and I got it all into my nail bed, so my fingers look like I've been working on a car, not a bad look, but it doesn't look right on me, and the only thing I can do on my car is check the oil, so it's also very misleading. I'm sure I'll get it figured out (I mean, I KNOW I will get it figured out so I can wear the shoes) But for now, they are back in my closet until the time that I feel ready to speak to them again.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I've Got Balls!!

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day- Hooray!! So, we're going green, but it looks more brown and black-
I turned this:
 Beautifully ugly men's 100% wool suit coat ($4.50), into:
Wool Dryer balls!!
I've been wishing for some of these babies for a while (sad, huh? This is what I "dream" about getting). See, we're "green". Yes, we feel a need to take care of the planet but we also are living on student loans, so yeah, we're "green" to save money. Which these wool dryer balls cover both of. They help clothes dry faster (saves money and the environment by not using the dryer as long, which is a big deal at our house with our old beat up washer/dryer) they cut down on the static too. Woo Hoo! We have those plastic dryer balls, which help dry the laundry, but they get all soft from the dryer, and mine have broken into two pieces. They also don't do anything at all for static, which is really bad in Iowa's winters. Apparently they are also very bad on the environment (or some people say they are, I have no idea, but I know wool isn't going to be releasing harmful chemicals when heated).

Want to make your own? They are seriously SO easy. I took the suit, cut it into strips and made the balls, just like making rubber band balls. Around the outside I tied the strips to keep them in place. Then I covered them in nylon (I used my little nylon footies wrapped in hair bands) and then put them in the wash on HOT HOT HOT, then dried them on HOT. It felts up the wool. After the first time, I took off the nylons but I kept putting the hair bands around it. I've read about lots of people buying the wool dryer balls and then having them fall apart in the dryer. Which makes me cringe, part of the reason to buy handmade is to have something that's made well. (That's my opinion, my Grandma Betty has sold handmade items as far back as I can remember and so her stuff has always been what I compare handmade to, and sometimes it measures up, sometimes not so much)
Oh, and these are PERFECT for people using cloth diapers (since softy sheets are a NO NO)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Buzz Clover

For St. Patrick's Day, I made this shirt for Little Man. He LOVES Buzz, and we had green Buzz fabric, so it was only natural to make him this. Which he absolutely loves, and he showed everyone "Buzz", even letting the babies touch it and then he'd tell them "Buzz". It was so cute.

This was the best photo I got of him (as you can tell, he loves the photo shoot- and yes, I'm being sarcastic).
The Clover image I used can be found Here.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Under Construction

So, I have two blogs I keep up to date, this one and my personal family blog (we have a BIG family and it's nice to be able to put everything up and let the family look through it when they have time, it's MUCH easier then emails I used to send to everyone, though some of my family is too scared to look at the blog, because apparently it will steal their identity, I have no idea, they are crazy!) Wheew! Anyway, the other day, I reached my maximum for photo space. Between all the pictures of my kids that I post and the large amount of pictures I take to illustrate how to make the crafts, I've reached my limit. So, I have some posts that already have the pictures, but yet to be written, and I'll be publishing them while I switch over to Wordpress. I've already exported my posts over, and I'm starting to familiarize myself with it. Actually, I kind of wish I had started there, it's not as difficult as I had read it was, and really, 3 g of space is much better then 1. I still have a lot to do to get it all set how I want it, but if you'd like to go over there the site is:
Also, I wanted to let you know the next few weeks may be a little spotty depending on how fast I get this all figured out, and how much time I have after: packing, vacation, doing all the work for our "new" car, unpacking, 1 week of spring break for my daughter (which does not coincide with our vacation because her spring break is different then my husband's) St. Patrick's Day, and trying to get my craft stuff organized (which I will not show before pictures because it's really embarrassing)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Please excuse this horrible picture, the real item really looks much cuter, but I kept forgetting to take the picture and now the dress is with it's owner.

Ok, while searching for Tutu dresses for babies, I found many of them are made with a crocheted or knitted headband as the top. Which, let's face it, looks cute for a picture, but very impractical, because, really, who wants to be showing off their little girl's chest? So, after thinking about it for a while, I came up with a really cute way to make a top. I love it.
I started by finding out the normal chest size of a 9 month old baby (that's the size needed) and made a rectangle 6" by 12". I put some interfacing on the back becasue this stuff is hard to work with.

Beautiful interfacing.

I made a second quare 6"x8" and put more interfacing on the back

And shirred this smaller rectangle.

Then I sewed the shirred rectangle to the long rectangle along the 6" edges.

Then folded it in half and iron it, and there you have the top.
You can see the shirring is in the back.

Then I cut LOTS of strips of tuelle. 2" by 19inch.

And sewed the strips together, layering then, 1/2 over eachother. I used a long and loose straight stitich so

That I could ruffle it.

Then with right sides together I sewed the tuelle onto the top.

Folded it down and then top stitched so it would stay flat.

The pretty back.
Look at that beautiful shirring.

Then I added a flower, which I hand stitched and double hand stitched EACH of the beads, becasue no one wants beads falling off for a baby. Then I added some diaper covers, because the tuelle was a light color and the cover makes a big difference.

I'm so proud of this Tutu, because it was all my idea, I made my own pattern, and got it all put together, now I can't wait to see pictures of the little princess in it.

Oh, and I made a second one, it's a little different, I'll have to show it off soon, it's super cute too.

Friday, March 4, 2011

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